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See The Latest Currency Coversions

All our prices are listed in Aussie $'s and when you buy from our webstore Paypal will automatically convert your purchases to your local currency at the last stage of Checkout. To see what our products are worth in your own currency, click the links below. You will be taken to which displays the very latest conversion rates. Please note that Paypal uses its own rates which are similar to official rates but not identical.

The Alien8 

See $420 AUD converted to     USD   EUR   GBP   JPY   CAD

The Wormhole

See $200 AUD converted to     USD   EUR   GBP   JPY   CAD

The DirtBox

See $230 AUD converted to     USD   EUR   GBP   JPY   CAD

The DirtMic-01

See $230 AUD converted to     USD   EUR   GBP   JPY   CAD

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