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The Subkick-01 Low Frequency Microphone is based on the classic speaker mic or 'subkick' design. These mics specialize in capturing very low bass frequencies, and in combination with other mics, add amazing low end punch to sources such as kick drums, bass and guitar amps.


With our design we utilize a low output wattage, full range 6.5" speaker in combination with a vented bamboo shell. The Subkick-01 runs at a hot but safe output level, similar to a condensor mic, so you can plug it into most mic preamps without the need of a DI. The Subkick-01 also features a Neutrik xlr connector on the outside , a built in mic stand mount and comes in a padded vinyl bag.


How does the Subkick-01 compare to the Yamaha Subkick? Its lighter and smaller, costs 3 times less, uses the same size speaker, has a similar output level and retains the same sort of low end response while picking up more low mid frequencies. This makes the Subkick-01 a much more flexible microphone compared to the old Yamaha.

Subkick-01 Low Frequency Microphone


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