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Introducing the DirtBox, a phantom powered distortion effect box for microphone level signals! Just plug any dynamic or ribbon microphone into the DirtBox to get amazing analog distortion tones (condensers work too but you need a balanced Y split cable and two preamps). Building on the success of the DrAlienSmith DirtMic-01, we've taken that very same circuit and put it in it's own enclosure. Now any microphone that's plugged into the DirtBox becomes a distorted beast.


The DirtBox transformer matches your Low Z mic to the distortion effect and then again to the preamp so it's a simple solution that packs a lot of punch. The circuit has been designed to run off 48v phantom power so no batteries or power supplies are needed. Simply plug the mic into the DirtBox input, then plug the output into any mic preamp and turn the phantom power on. The amount of distortion on the DirtBox is controlled by the ‘pre-gain’ volume pot, the red knob. Turn the gain right up to 10 to capture unique, dirty flavors from any sound source or try lower gain settings for a more subtle tones.


The DirtBox has been designed to be a recording studio tool but there is potential to use it for live performance. If you are using a Cardioid or Supercardioid microphone and you keep the gain levels low you should be able to control any feedback. However, due to the nature of live distortion, you'll have better chance of success if you have a smart sound person and you keep the stage volume low.


If you have a balanced microphone Y cable, you can unlock extra features of the DirtBox. The first is a clean split. By using the Y Cable you can split the signal into 2 and use one split for a clean sound and the other split for the DirtBox and a distorted signal. The two signals will be in phase and can be mixed together to your taste. The second feature unlocked by a Y Cable is the ability to use a condenser mic with the DirtBox. By turning on phantom power for both the clean and distorted preamp inputs, the DirtBox and the condenser mic will both be powered. If you don't have your own Y Cable, add one of ours to your order, listed under 'Accessories'.


The DirtBox comes with a manual and is covered by a 2 year repair or replace guarantee.


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The DirtBox, a Phantom Powered Distortion Effect For Microphones

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