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The Wormhole Microphone is a new way to capture and enhance the low frequencies of sound sources. It's a phantom powered electret condenser microphone that has a 1.8m (6ft) hose attached to the front of the capsule. The hose is airtight and acts like a physical EQ, attenuating high and mid frequenices while letting low end signals get through. Combine that with the omni pick up pattern and the Wormhole captures low frequencies from a large area.

So how does it sound? Think of the Wormhole like you would a subkick mic, but instead of it being just for the kick drum, it captures the low frequencies from every drum in the kit.


Early design inspiration for the Wormhole came from the gardenhose mic technique pioneered by studio legend Sylvia Massey. The gardenhose method usually creates a reverb effect, however we've warped the concept to focus on low end capture. 


The Wormhole comes standard with a protective case and is covered by a 24 month repair or replace guarantee.


The DrAlienSmith Alien8 is a figure 8 dynamic microphone designed for low frequency sources that also need to have a focused mid range to fit easily into a mix. It really shines on kick drums and bass amps by capturing a big low end and a detailed mid range.


The Alien8 features two 50mm headphone drivers as capsules. Sitting one on top of the other, the top one faces forward while the bottom faces back. These capsules pick up sound in a figure 8 pattern but like some ribbon microphones, the rear sounds different to the front. By using two capsules the Alien8 takes advantage of these tonal variations with its 3 position switch. Select top only to get a brighter sound, select bottom only for more body or choose both capsules to get the best of both worlds (our favorite setting).


While taking a little design inspiration from the classic AKG D30 (dual capsule) and Beyer M380 (headphone driver), the Alien8 is definitely not intended to be a clone or a remake, it has a distinct sound all of its own.


The Alien8 is transformer balanced and unaffected by phantom power. It comes standard with a protective case and manual and is covered by a 24 month repair or replace guarantee.