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This is a pre-order and will ship by Friday the 19th of April.


Introducing the Wormhole Microphone, a new way to capture and enhance the low frequencies of sound sources in the studio. It's a phantom powered electret condenser microphone that has a 1.8m (6ft) hose attached to the front of the capsule. The hose is airtight and acts like a physical EQ, attenuating high and mid frequenies while letting low end signals get through. Combine that with the omni pick up pattern and the Wormhole captures low frequencies from a large area.


The Wormhole sounds like you're listening to someone playing a loud instrument in the room next door, its all low end with muted highs and mids. By itself it sounds unusual but when the Wormhole is mixed with close mics, that's when it really comes alive. Think of the Wormhole like you would a subkick mic, but instead of it being just for the kick drum, it captures the low frequencies from every drum in the kit and adds fullness and weight to the overall sound.


Early design inspiration for the Wormhole came from the garden hose mic technique pioneered by studio legend Sylvia Massy. If you haven't heard of it there are plenty of great videos/websites online that explain it really well. The garden hose method usually creates a unique reverb effect, however the Wormhole is not about that, instead we've warped the concept to focus on low end capture.


Our favorite way to use this microphone is during a drum kit recording. If you lay the Wormhole on the ground in front of the kit, with the hose curling around the kick drum and ending under the floor tom, you will capture punchy low end for the kick drum as well as the rack toms, floor tom and to a lesser degree, the snare. Mix a Wormhole track in with your normal drum mics and you will notice a very pleasing change in the low end of the whole kit. Everything sounds bigger with the Wormhole.


This microphone is a fairly unique beast and there are a few things to keep in mind when using it. Due to its low frequency sensitivity, we recommend just using it in the studio and not in a live performance environment. It also works best recording one instrument at a time. If you are recording a drumkit or amp by itself, perfect, but if you have a bass amp, a guitar amp and a drum kit playing together in the same space, it will pick up the low frequencies of everything in the room.


The hose part of the Wormhole is very sensitive to physical contact and it can act like a contact mic. This can open up a range of interesting and creative sound possibilities but if you are using the Wormhole for low end capture then make sure nothing is touching or rubbing the hose. Laying cables over it is fine but avoid things like cymbal stands or kick drum legs as the resonance through these types of objects will get picked up by the Wormhole.


The Wormhole comes with its own stand mount and a hardcase.

*PreOrder 19th April* Wormhole Low Frequency Microphone

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