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The SubMic is Coming!

The SubMic is a limited edition re-boot of our first ever product, the Subkick-01 microphone. Its been 3 years since the last Subkick-01 was sold and one of the most FAQ we still get is will it ever be back? Finally we can answer that question, the first batch of the SubMic Low Frequency Microphone will be available over the coming weeks. Join our mailing list or follow us on instagram to get all the release date news.

The Alien8
The DrAlienSmith Alien8 Microphone

The DrAlienSmith Alien8 is a figure 8 dynamic microphone designed for low frequency sources that also need to have a focused mid range .

The DirtBox
The DrAlienSmith DirtBox Distortion Effect for Microphones

By putting the DirtMic circuit into its own enclosure you can now add analog distortion to any microphone. Great for vocals, drums or anything!

The Wormhole
The DrAlienSmith Wormhole Low Frequency Microphone

Low end capture is what this electret condenser mic with a 1.8m (6ft) hose attached to the front of the capsule is all about.

The DirtMic-01
The DrAlienSmith DirtMic-01 Distortion Effect Microphone

We've installed a phantom powered distortion circuit inside a Superlux harmonica microphone, creating the ultimate dirty effect mic.

The Capsule8
The DrAlienSmith Capsule8 Microphone

The Capsule8 is a figure 8 dynamic microphone. Similar to the Alien8 but with a single capsule and smaller body for easier positioning.

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