The Alien8

Our latest microphone is the Alien8, a figure-8 dynamic that features two 50mm headphone drivers as capsules. It has been designed for low frequency sources that also need to have a focused mid range to fit easily into a mix. It really shines on kick drums and bass amps by capturing a big low end and a detailed mid range. 

All DrAlienSmith products are creative tools that help capture unique sounds without over complicating the recording process. They are designed and made by studio engineer Al Smith in his workshop in the Perth Hills, WA, Australia.



The DirtMic-01
Pair of Dirtmics copy.jpg

We've installed a phantom powered distortion pedal circuit inside the Superlux D112 harmonica microphone, creating the ultimate dirty effect microphone.

The DirtBox
DirtBox Red 1 wide.jpg

By putting the DirtMic circuit into its own enclosure you can now add analog distortion to any microphone. Great for vocals, drums, anything that needs grit and drive.

The Subkick-01
front and back sub copy.jpg

Now Discontinued, this was our  subkick design using a bamboo shell and a 6.5" driver to capture all of the low end frequencies you'll ever need.